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This site is operated and owned by websitemobilebuilder.com, which is the legal responsible and representative of the site.
The site and all digital products and courses offered within the site are fully subject to the site’s terms of use, and continued use of the site and its products and courses constitutes acceptance of the terms of use stipulated on this page or on other pages referred to.
Any time you visit or use the site or purchase any product or course from it, you agree to the terms of use.
Within the Site, we may amend the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, or the Site itself at any time at our discretion.


All content on the site, including digital courses (texts, images, videos, examples), products, or articles, are considered digital materials with intellectual property that belongs entirely to the site. If any part of an item is used that is not owned by the site, it will be clearly stated. He announced his ownership.
It is not permitted to copy, download, publish, resell, rent, broadcast, transfer, or share any part of the content within the site, including digital courses and written content. Violation of this clause is considered a violation of the site’s intellectual property rights and will result in legal consequences for anyone who violates this clause. clause.
As for the examples included in the courses, such as templates and designs, only the student has the right to download them and use them personally on his device without using them in commercial projects.
The sales contracts that are made for digital courses are licenses for personal use only, so that the course materials (texts, images, videos, examples) are not allowed to be used on a shared or public scale, meaning that the course cannot be shared between people who do not have licenses to purchase the course, either. Copying course videos on electronic devices is absolutely not permitted and must be used via the platform only.
It is not permitted to copy the textual content within the site at all. Rather, it is only possible to refer with an explanation of the reason for the reference, as it is an intellectual reference for the points it addresses.


It is permitted to access the various digital materials within the site and to conclude contracts for purchase and use licenses if you are at least 18 years old. If you are not of this age, you do not meet the terms of use.


To access the site, you may be required to register on the site by completing the fields related to your information. You must complete all required fields and fill them out with correct information.
When you register on the site, you must ensure that you write all the information correctly, and we are not responsible for any error in the process of entering information or losing it later.
If you share your account with any other people, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to the account as a result of sharing your information with other parties, and we have the right to suspend your account due to your violation of the terms of use.
When you register on the site, you declare yourself, and you may not impersonate another person, use a false name, or impersonate a company. If this is discovered by us, this will cause your account to be suspended.


Every time you purchase a course or product from the site, you enter into a separate purchase contract.
Sales contracts for digital products are for limited personal or commercial use. That is, you are allowed to use the products, if you have a license of course, within your projects as components or user interfaces, but you are not allowed to resell them in whole or in part as part of digital products of the same type.
All prices on the site are subject to change at any time, including the prices of courses and digital products.
Within the site, the specifications of all courses and digital products that are offered for sale will be clearly and detailedly explained, in order to fully clarify what you will get before the purchase process. Therefore, you will be required to review all the details available about any product you want to purchase well. Before making your purchase.
All prices mentioned on the site are consistent with what appears on the product page.
We have the right to refuse any purchase for anyone without giving reasons, according to our sole discretion.

Cancel operations

We have the right to cancel purchase orders without prior notice at our discretion, if we find that they violate the terms of use or may lead to a violation of the terms of use or harm the interest of the site.
We have the right to cancel purchase orders if false or invalid payment information is used or there may be any doubt as to its ownership.
In the event of canceling any purchase, the amounts paid will be refunded through the payment method through which the amount was transferred, and you have no right to request that the amounts be returned to other parties or through other payment methods.

Return policy

The site does not currently provide the possibility of refunding the amounts paid for access and use licenses for the courses, workshops, and digital products provided by the site, under any circumstances.

Behavior and communication

Since we work on the site with different individuals, whether from the work team or from customers and users, we expect everyone to deal respectfully and within the rules with other people, regardless of their gender, race, or nationality.
Any communication by you with any member of the work team through traditional communication methods such as mail or WhatsApp or through the site’s social networks or through digital communities or events, communication must be in a respectful manner, and in the event of any problem occurring with any person, you will be responsible. About your reactions and messages issued by you, and we have the right within the site to take any legal action that we deem appropriate in the event that otherwise occurs.
Any communication, message, or newsletter that you may receive must be issued directly from the site, that is, it will be within the official channels of the site. We do not rely on any third party.